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Catholic Primary School

Port Kennedy

We are committed to building a supportive learning environment that inspires all individuals to strive continually to achieve their personal best.



St Bernadette's

Catholic Primary School

Port Kennedy



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PO Box 8151 WARNBRO WA 6169
T: (08) 9593 4066
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General Information

Routines and Procedures

School Hours

8.45am 10.40am Morning Session
10.40am 11.00am Recess
11.00am 12.40pm Middle Session
12.40pm 1.20pm Lunch
1.20pm 3.00pm Afternoon Session

School Gates open at 8.15am. Supervision of students begins at 8.15am. All students who arrive before 8.30am must sit in the undercover area where they are supervised.  Parents are asked to ensure that their children arrive at school between 8.25am and 8.35am. Lessons commence at 8.50am. Students should not arrive at school before 8.00am. Parents must remain with their child / children until the supervised duty commences at 8.15am.  Kindergarten doors open at 8.50am and Pre Primary 8.35am. Their school day ends at 3.00pm. Lunch and play times may vary.  Please ensure that children leave the school grounds immediately after school. Supervision at the front of the school ceases at 3.25pm.

Out of School Care

The YMCA operates an Out of School Club in the Parish Hall (situated between the school and the church). Please contact them on 0407049917 for further information regarding enrolment.

Change of School Hours

We have several professional development days and (resultant pupil-free days) are allocated per school year. These are selected by the school and parents will be notified of these well ahead of time so that they make arrangements for their children.


During school hours all visitors must report to the office and sign in and sign out.

Picking up of Children/Car Park

MORNINGS – There is a drop off zone at the main entry of the school for parents who wish to drop their children off. Alternatively, you may park and walk along the designated walkways. Please be aware that students may also arrive by bike and on foot so the utmost care should be exercised at these peak times. Please also note that no children should be in the car park area unsupervised.

AFTERNOONS – To allow more than one family to collect their children, we have a supervised drive by at the main entrance. Children must wait to be collected in the shelter. This has a duty teacher until 3.20pm. Please ensure your children are collected by 3.20pm as supervised duty ceases at this time.

The parking bays in front of the Kindergarten are 10 minute parking only. Please leave the disabled parking bay at the front of the school for disabled parents, students and visitors at all times.

Collecting Your Child Early

Should you wish to collect your child early, an Early Release Form must be completed at the school office first. This is then handed to your child’s class teacher.


If your child is going to be absent from school, please notify the school office before 9.30am. If we do not receive notification, a text message will be sent to advise your child is not at school.

Late Arrival

If your child arrives at school after 8.45am please complete a Late Arrival Form, at the front office. This is then handed to the child’s class teacher.

School Assemblies

Students assemble in the undercover area at 8.45am each Monday morning, for shared prayer and routine announcements.

On Friday we have class assemblies commencing at 8.45am. The classes present and show us some of the things they are learning in class and merit certificates are handed out. Parents are notified prior to their child receiving a merit certificate so that they are able to make arrangements to attend. All parents, relatives, and friends are welcome to join us for Friday Assemblies

Parent/Teacher Communication

It is essential that channels of communication are established and maintained between the school and parents. In this way students and teachers are supported in their efforts in the classroom.

Avenues of communication within the school include:

School Newsletter Distributed weekly
Parent / Teachers Meetings Please make an appointment, through the school office to meet with your child’s teacher to discuss any concerns or your child’s progress or issues throughout the year
Parent / Teacher Information Meetings These are held early in the new school year to discuss the year’s program and expectations of each class. It is essential that parents make the time to attend the meetings
Reporting Reporting and evaluation is provided for parents throughout the year.
  They include:
  First Semester reports at the end of Term Two
  End of year (Second Semester) reports at the end of Term Four
Curriculum & Special Needs Any matters pertaining to the Teaching and Learning Program should be directed through the classroom teacher.

Family Involvement

The partnership between parents and staff is vital to the achievement of St Bernadette’s School’s aims. The primary role of the Catholic School is to support the parents in the formation of their children’s faith.

Parents are involved in the following ways at St Bernadette’s School:

  • As community members, they elect and sit on the School Board, and are the basis of the Parents and Friends Association, which builds our educational community and provides many resources.
  • Parents are always welcome to attend P & F meetings, assemblies, whole school and class Masses. P & F meetings. Details of these will be sent out on the School Newsletter.

Through good communication with your child’s teacher, home and school can complement each other in encouraging development of the whole child, and working as a united team.

Parents can play a valuable role in the classroom in extending the children’s experiences and in extra curricular activities. Both staff and students appreciate parent’s participation in the classroom. Please speak to the classroom teacher


Wearing of the school uniform is compulsory for all students. Uniforms are only available from the School Uniform Shop.

  • Summer uniform is worn in Terms One and Four; winter uniform in worn Terms Two and Three.
  • School hats must be worn all year round.
  • For health reasons, when a child’s hair is collar length or longer it must be tied up. Hair must be off the face. We encourage parents to check hair regularly to prevent lice infestation.
  • Children may wear 1 pair of sleepers or studs and a religious crucifix.
  • Hair accessories must be in school colours (red or blue)
  • All items of clothing must be clearly marked with the student’s name.
  • Temporary reasons for non-uniform clothing must be explained with a note to the teacher.

Health and Emergency Information

It is vital that all your child’s medical details are kept up to date. If at any time your address, phone numbers or emergency contact numbers change, please notify the school immediately.

Parents will be contacted if their child is too ill to remain at school. Parents are asked to ensure that their child has fully recovered from illness before sending them back to school.

Written notes should be sent to your child’s teacher after each absence . Please report any absences through our online notification or signed note which is available in the office.






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