The loss of a parent, close family member, a separation in the family, a serious illness or accident, moving state/country or any other significant change can be a crushing event in a child’s life; the impact can be overwhelming. These situations affect children socially, spiritually, behaviorally and academically. In order to support our students’ well being here at St. Bernadette’s we will be commencing the annual rainbows grief and loss program next term.

Through Rainbows, children are helped to verbalize their feelings, build a stronger sense of self-esteem and dispel their guilt and anger over the changes in their family. They no longer feel alone when they gather with other children who are facing the same or similar situations. If you feel that your son or daughter would benefit from the program, please complete the following nomination form. You will then be contacted further by Andrea Groom to discuss the nomination in more detail. This is to inform you that your child/ren, will be participating in the Rainbows Program at Name of College/School. The commencement date of the program will be in term 2. You will be notified in due course of the start date.

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